Domain For Sale


TagSociety.com is a great domain that was purchased in 2006 for a tag-based directory / community site. There were big plans for it, but other projects had taken priority over this one so it is now being offered for sale. You should only offer what you think the domain itself is worth and how it will add value to what you may want to do with it. It is only the domain itself that is being sold: no website files, templates, etc. You will also receive TagSociety.net and TagSociety.org with this purchase. I will be accepting the best offer, and one that I think is fair for a decent top-level domain. Quality domains like this one are getting more difficult to obtain as time goes on, and this domain is still very valuable to me, so I will only be responding to serious offers. There is also no rush to sell, so this page will remain for as long as offers are evaluated. If no offers come along that I believe are worth the value of the domain, then we may decide to start up the project again at some point in the near future.


Why is this domain being sold? Unfortunately, time did not allow for the completion of the project, so the hopes are to sell this to someone who wants to come along and make it into something great.


Email to submit an offer. If accepted, the purchase will be handled via Paypal, and I am a verified Paypal member.